Curriculum Vitae of
Aram Seddigh

I’m happy that I have had the chance to widen my perspective related to work environment with a broad educational background in both economy and psychology; work with different types of organizations regarding size, sector and readiness for new ways of working; and have had different roles in supporting and leading organizations during transformation. Below you will find my educational background and previous assignments.

About Aram Seddigh

Previous assignments (by selection)

  • Project Manager for implementing activity based working for about 200 employees on two different floors. An industrial client with high demands for collaboration and project work
  • Assessing needs and support the organizations and the architects to create a floor plan that fits the organization’s activity pattern. An public sector organization who handles a lot of sensitive information
  • Evaluation of how to improve the suggested layout and work close with architects to create a better floor plan. A public sector organization with special needs related to workshop, reception and office facilities
  • More than 100 lectures and workshops for all types of organizations related to how lead the change, research, project management and pros and cons of different types of working

Previous employements

  • WeOffice - management consultant/change leader (2013 and ongoing, fulltime from 2015)
  • Stockholm School of Economics - Resercher with focus on Activity based working (2014-2016 & 2017-2018)
  • Stress Research Institute, Stockholm University - PhD candidate (2010-2015)
  • Swedish Public Employment Service - Lic. Psychologist (2010-2011)
  • Cohr Group - management consultant/lic. psychologist (2009-2010)
  • Cut-e Sweden - management consultant/lic. psychologist (2008-2009)


  • Doctor in work- & organizational psychology (2015)
  • Bachelor of Science in Business administration (2015)
  • MSc in psychology (2008) & Lic. psychologist (2009)

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